An operating system with all the tools you need for better space management.

Booking Features

Do away with calendars and spreadsheets and have all your resources, bookings and special requests at the click of a button.

Live availability

No double bookings and clear visibility with the option to enable bookings for both members and guests.

Automatic Billing

Choose to add bookings automatically to monthly invoices or be paid up-front.

Flexible management

Full control for members and staff. Manage changes, cancellations, catering requests and more.

Billing Features

Save time and improve processes with Hamlet’s full suite of accounting controls.

Set and forget recurring revenue

Have all your recurring billing set up and revenue collected automatically with ease

XERO Integration

Automatically generate a XERO invoice for each customer’s online, in-person or monthly purchases.

Secure, reliable, adaptable

Whatever the billing requirements of a space, Hamlet’s flexible structure can adapt to any billing needs.

CRM Features

An awesome customer experience is backed by an intelligent management system.

Lead management

Improve your lead conversion with easy to manage stages, notifications, and communications.


Craft instant quotes with exact inventory in simple templates and send, all from Hamlet.

One-click convert to member

Save time on data entry and convert leads to members in a click.

Membership features

Give your members, and your team, the time to focus on the things that make spaces great.

Membership controls

Build tailored membership packages with controls on discounts, booking credits and more.

Pricing controls

Price assets by square meter, per desk, custom by location, per product and more....


Add any type of product or asset and have it instantly billable to members.

Support Features

Keep your operations shipshape with Hamlet’s simple, yet powerful, suite of support tools.

Support tickets

Keep on top of what your members need with in-built support and communication tools.


Never miss the important stuff, with controls to be notified in app, by email or slack.

Organised conversations

Keep your conversations in the one place and assign or manage internal staff to solve challenges faster.

Make your members love your space, even more.

Empower your community to self-serve and enjoy a seamless experiece in your space. Hamlet can provide the key to give your space the forefoot in technology offerings to your members.

Booking management

Allow members and externals to self-serve to book, pay, and manage their bookings.

Community feed

Keep your community up-to-date and engaged with a simple community feed.


Generate extra revenue by adding products for members to purchase from the portal.

Billing transparency

Allow members to check on upcoming charges and past invoices from a secure portal.


All you need, in a flexible space platform.

The tools you need to support your space’s growth.

Built to make space management simpler, Hamlet delivers on operational efficiency, billing automation, as well as supporting the day-to-day needs of members through a self-serve portal.

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Got the itch to make a switch?

Feeling a little frustrated with your current space management solution? See if we can help scratch that itch you have with a free assessment and free migration.

Un-matched accounting control that allows your team to keep on top of billing with ease.


2 way sync

Automatic sync of all contacts, billing and invoice data.


Set and forget recurring billing for all your monthly memberships.

Credit notes

Create credit notes and have them applied automatically.

Edit invoices

Make changes directly in Hamlet, save time jumping screens.

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All you need to run your space in the one place.

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