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We’re the technology focused team to compliment your space’s vision. We want workplace experiences to be ever more enjoyable through enabling openness and connection.

Simplified space management for more than 36 flex spaces.

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We work in partnership with our spaces. Our partners understand that the digital transformation of space is essential for success. We work with all types of spaces to adapt, modernize and utilise thier space in the best way possible for the members, thier revnue and their sustainability.

We love space

Partnering with space owners for the past 5 years to implement tech solutions.

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Our team works from Flexible spaces we love across the globe.

Hamlet helps all types of spaces and members

No matter your space style, or your members’ work style, hamlet helps get the important things done faster.

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Feeling a little frustrated with your current space management solution? See if we can help scratch that itch you have with a free assessment and free migration.

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We’re an a bunch of Aussie-based, flex-loving, tech enthusiasts.

We work in and with flexspaces all across Australia.